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Contribution : n° 20
Date : April, 4, 2005
Name : Jean-Louis Mangin and Camille Pierron (France)
Sujet : To succeed John-Paul II, will we have a pope mondialist or a pope fatimist ?
           (Open letter to a “papabile” Cardinal)

Other languages : Français  —  English  —  Español


(Open letter to a “papabile” Cardinal)


          John-Paul II left us yesterday evening after having gone “at the end of the suffering” like wrote the French weekly magazine “Paris Match” of March 31. By doing this, this last undoubtedly did not know that this title illustrated a sentence drawn from the “Secrecy of Fatima”, namely “Holy Father will have to suffer much”, which was carried out exactly with the 10 hospitalizations of Karol Wojtyla. It is to say that the “Message of Fatima” continues to be THE “GRID OF READING” of the events, even if the universal and vaticane single thought does not make “any case of it”, which we currently note through the media concert of universal praises to which we assist.

Here thus why we write to you and this more especially as the public rumour makes you a “papabile”. We thus try our chance, while knowing, by the history of the Church that, when we enter “papabile” to the Conclave, we leave very often Cardinal there.

We do it, not knowing the intentions of Divine Providence, not having any particular revelation to transmit to you, but simply eager, “to make case” of a “Message” authenticated by the “Miracle of the sun” of October 13, 1917, the greatest miracle of the history of the Salvation after the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus-Christ, since announced in advance and noted by 70 000 people, “of the gentlemen and the ladies of rows and different conditions”.

As we know that your time is invaluable, we will go right to the target.

Next Pope will have to promote the devotion in the Immaculate Heart of Mary
in the whole world, because “God wants it”

And that will pass by the implementation of the totality of the “Message of Fatima” which comprises three requests.

To help you in this field, here thus a small summarized of what it is necessary to know in connection with the will of the Sky.

…But, if deceased Holy Father made much for Fatima and we thank it, …

Indeed, it did what no Pope had done before him :

► 1° He went to Fatima, in 1982, in 1991 and 2000, each time May 12 and 13.

► 2° On May 13 2000, he beatifies François and Jacinthe, two of the three small « sheperds».

► 3° On June 26 2000, he made publish the “Third secrecy of Fatima” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

► 4° He made register the feast of Our Lady of Fatima to the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, at the date of May 13 2002.

It is what brings the Father Edward D. O' Connor, American monk, to write :

(...) John-Paul II did something of unusual in the history of the Church when he went in Fatima, last May, for the beatification of the two « sheperds », Francisco and Jacinta. He decided that named “the Third secrecy of Fatima” was to be published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Never before a private revelation did not have at this point be allowed by the Church so openly and on such a level.

Concerning the appearances and the messages which are attached to it, the Church is always extremely careful. It waits a long time, checking their orthodoxy and observing their fruits. Even when all seems correct, only a very indirect approval is given to the message itself. It was the case for Guadalupe, the miraculous Medal, La Salette, Lourdes, Knock and many other appearances. At the beginning, it was in the same way for Fatima. Although Mary appeared there in 1917, it is only in 1940 that Rome started to emit real signs of approval about it. But never before a pope had not taken on himself to publish and authorize the message of a « sheperd ».

That the Holy Father acts thus indicates that the message makes not only sense for him, but also that it deserves a supported attention on behalf of the whole of the Church (…).

Source : “Fatima. A propos du 3ème secret”,
article of the Father Edward D. O' Connor, American monk, in “Christians Magazine”,
French monthly magazine, n° 141 of May 15 2001, page 22

…It however traversed only one the third of the way wanted by the Sky !…

First request - Concerning the repairing approval of the devotion of first the five months Saturdays consecutive :

Pie XI and its five successors did not do anything at this time. Only, Mgr Da Silva, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima approved, September 13, 1939, “only ten days after the beginning of this horrible war which it was to prevent”.

We thus estimate at 0,1% the progress report of this request.

Second request - Concerning the dedication of only Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary during an act collegial, solemn, public, explicit and clear of repair :

Pie XII devoted only Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, July 7, 1952, in its apostolic letter “Sacro Vergente Anno”. But it was not surrounded of the Bishops. All the other made dedications related to the world, with more or less buckled mention of Russia.

We thus estimate at 50% the progress report of this request.

Third request - Concerning the publication of the “Third Secrecy of Fatima” :

This one was done, June 26 2000, with forty (40) years of delay compared to the date wanted by the Sky. However, although Sister Lucie declared, November 17 2001, in a discussion with Mgr Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of “the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”, that “all was published”, we are very astonished to note that it misses the key sentence there: “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will be always preserved”.

Moreover, we were not convinced by the “attempt of interpretation” suggested by the Cardinal Ratzinger of which the least which one can say is that it is as obscure as the vision suggested. As for did the setting under seals of the cell of Sister Lucie, after her death, that leave us perplexed for, if “all were published”, that such a decision in the plan of coherence means ?

We thus estimate at 49% the progress report of this request.

○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○

If we add these three progress reports, and if we deduct the percentage from it corresponding, we can unfortunately conclude that the Fatima’s message only was made use of 33%, eighty eight years (88) after the Queen of the Sky came in person to say to us that “God wants to establish in the world the devotion in his Immaculate Heart”.

It is to say if the project of the Holy Trinity for “this time which is our time” has not very advanced.

…Also, we continue to hope against any hope
and to wait the day when its successor (perhaps Pie XIII ?) will do “finally”
all that the Sky awaits from him…

To approve devotion repairing of first the five months Saturdays consecutive, and to give the example by regularly practising it, which, to our knowledge, was never made per any the Popes, from Pie XI to John-Paul II.

To order to the Bishops to devote only Russia (and not the world, the human family, all the people, mankind, the Church…) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary during an act collegial, solemn, public, explicit and clear of repair.

To raise the embargo on all the documents concerning the “Message of Fatima”, to publish them and make them pass to all the catholics, by breaking with the single thought vaticane currently dominant and by supporting you, for that, on the only alive interpretation, concrete, historical, enthralling and true, which is that developed every month by a French, “l’abbé de Nantes” and his team of apostolic monks, and which shows that “the Bishop dressed of white which crosses the large city with half in ruin (i.e. the catholic Church after forty years of auto demolition)” is not other than John-Paul I st.

To know more, in addition to our site, you can consult that of “the Counter-Reformation Catholic at the 21 st century”, (, which brings a permanent lighting on Fatima.

…Also, we request already daily for you (who will have to elect him)
like for him.

All that will require, Eminence, much holiness, courage and even heroism because the next Pope will have to face all that the Holy catholic Church comprises of enemies, outside but more especially inside. However, for that, he will be able to be pressed on the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will be never lacking to him. Think there when you have to elect him.

Then, if he enters this “new conditional Alliance in Mary” , “Russia will convert and a certain time of peace will be given to the world” , which will result in “the triumph of Heart Immaculate of Mary” and a triple displacement, with the eyes of the amazed medias by this unexpected outcome by them :

The first displacement will be that of the orthodoxe schism to the Roman unit, which nobody still knew to carry out since XVth century and what a false oecumenism in force is unable to produce like fruit.

The second displacement will be that of the atheism, which leads ineluctably to the consumption of the catholic Church, to the faith which will appear by the resurrection of this same undivided Church.

The third displacement will be that of the daily war, lit and maintained by “the Angel with the sword fire”, with universal peace, which UNO is quite unable to bring.

This is why you can count right now on our prayer with this intention, on our will to serve the interests of the Sky and on the insurance of our most deferent feelings in your connection.

Jean-Louis MANGIN
& Camille PIERRON

In the Divine Mercy’s Day,
April 3, 2005.


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